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Animal Art For Sale

Professional Animal Art for Sale

I have loved animals forever!  I wanted to be vet when I was a kid, but there was too much math for this creative type, so instead, I paint them.  For you to be here, you must love them, too!  My goal with A Dream Or A Day Art is to make art that feels dreamy and makes people happy when they see it.  Whether it's through the vibrant colors of my pop art collection, or the soft sweetness of a traditional animal painting, I hope that there's something for everyone here. 

Everything in the shop is made from my original watercolor paintings of animals.  So whether you choose a sticker, button, note card, or print, you can be sure that I have sourced the printers who make the highest quality products that best reflect my original pieces.  If you don't see what you're looking for here, please reach out and let's make something together!

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