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Animal Stationery Sets

Adorable Animal Note Cards

Writing a note to someone is a very thoughtful thing to do, and who doesn't love getting a bit of fun snail mail! It becomes even more fun when its an adorable animal card.  I have always kept a box of blank note cards of varying designs on hand for those occasions when you want to send something (or you realize you've forgotten some important occasion and need a card in a pinch -- not that that happens.)  I think my colorful animals are perfect for just about any occasion.  Keep them on hand and choose the one that suits the occasion or the recipient.  I mean let's be honest, there's someone in your life who is calling for a raccoon in a dress shirt!

I sell a number of adorable animal stationery sets through my store.  You can buy them individually, or I also have stationary sets.  They are all blank on the inside and come with an envelope. I take a lot of pride in my work, and I am a perfectionist!  My cards are all professionally printed so that the colors from my original watercolor paintings come through.  You could even frame these cards as a lovely piece of art.


It really brings me joy to imagine that my cards are sent all over the world, and to imagine that those cards bring so much happiness to the people who receive them!

Pop Art Animals Note Card Set.JPG
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