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This watercolor set has everything you need to get started with watercolor! This paint set includes 24 student-grade watercolor pans. It offers a range of pigmented colors along with a mixing tray and two water brushes. Plus you get a soft cover practice book with 50% cotton 120 lb cold press watercolor paper and the four brush set that includes a one inch flat brush, and size 6, 8, and 10 round brushes.  This is a great set to start your watercolor practice!

Student Paint + Practice Book + Brush Bundle

$85.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Each set includes:

    Watercolor paints:

    • 24 student-grade watercolor paint pans
    • 1 carrying case featuring a removeable paint palette with five wells
    • 1 round refillable waterbrush
    • 1 flat refillable waterbrush

    Practice Book

    • One 7¾ x 9¾ watercolor practice book
    • 120 lb 200gsm 50% cotton cold pressed watercolor paper
    • 64 pages/32 sheets- You can get the most out of your practice book by painting on both sides 
    • Synthetic leather soft cover in aqua
    • Sewn binding enables the pages to lay flat.  
    • Rounded corners 
    • A Dream Or A Day Art by Andrea Nelson foil stamped in pink on the back cover

    Four Watercolor Brushes

    • Includes 1 inch flat brush,  size 6 round brush, size 8 round brush, and size 10 round brush
    • Cruelty free synthetic brush
    • Aluminum and wood aqua colored handle 
    • Brush size and A Dream Or A Day Art by Andrea Nelson printed on handle in silver


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