Pet's add so much to our lives!  My dog, Maeby, is right by my feet as I type this.  I love her more than words can say, so it makes sense that I have pictures of her all over my phone and in my home.  But the first time I painted her, it was different.  There's just something about seeing your pet in paint that is really sweet and magical.  I'd love to do that for you!

Traditional Two Pet Portrait

  • Commissions are done on a first come, first served basis.  Currently it takes about three weeks for me to complete a portrait.  They are all done on 9x12 100% cotton watercolor paper with the pet image filling an 8x10 space.  All portraits are signed and have a white border and plain white background. 


    I paint all portraits based on one photo.  What your pet looks like in that photo is what they will look like in the painting, so pick something you love!  Photos should be full color and the higher the image quality, the better!  Good lighting is important as it will allow me to paint all of your pet's unique details.  Both of your pets should be included in the same photo for a two pet portrait.  It's difficult to combine two different pictures into one portrait because the light source and angle will be different.  If you have two separate photos, I suggest doing two different portraits.  E-mail me if you have questions! 

    Once you have placed your order, you can send the photos to


    PLEASE NOTE: **As the artist, Andrea Nelson retains all copyrights/rights for reproduction and commercial use of any and all artwork created featuring your pet(s) likeness. As the purchaser, you own the original artwork hardcopy, but you do not own any copyrights/reproduction rights to the image itself. Any reproductions of the artwork must receive prior written consent from the artist.