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Sometimes when I'm creating, I want to add a slightly different texture or look to my work, and water soluble pastels have become my go-to.  You can use them just like creamy crayons, or you can add water on top to blend out your marks like watercolor.  This set even comes with a little palette where you can scribble on some color and add water to create a little puddle to paint from.  I also like to just dip the pastel into water and then draw with it, which gives a really concentrated flowy effect. They're just so much fun to play with!


Water Soluble Pastels (12 Colors)

  • Each set includes:

    • 12 water soluble oil pastels
    • 1 carrying case 
    • 1 water brush
    • 1 sharpener
    • 1 plastic palette


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