Vinyl Weatherproof Animal Stickers

Vinyl Weatherproof Animal Stickers for Sale

As a child in the 80's, I grew up loving stickers.  I had numerous sticker books filled with everything from puffy stickers, to glittery ones, to scratch and sniff stickers!  But my favorite were always the animal stickers.  At some point in adulthood, I forgot how much I love stickers.  It wasn't until my son suggested that I made stickers out of my art, that I even considered it.  And when those first stickers arrived, I couldn't believe how vibrant, artful, and fun they were.  Stickers have some a long way since the 80's!  Now they're vinyl and waterproof, and they are even dishwasher safe.  I have them on everything from notebooks, to my laptop, to my favorite mugs and waterbottles!  They make great small gifts that you can just throw into the envelope or gift bag, and everyone loves them.  I even had a customer buy them to put on her daughter's helmet, which I thought was genius! 


I put a lot of attention in my work. I am a perfectionist because I want these animals to be correctly captured. You’ll notice my attention to detail in every painting, sticker, or print.  All of my stickers are professionally printed to last for years!


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