Watercolor Paintings For Sale

Animal Watercolor Paintings for Sale

There’s nothing like vibrant watercolor animals to bring a little life and whimsy to a room. Sometimes, art is the most important finishing touch to complete an area of your house, office, or business because it sets the tone for a room. I have so many wonderful animals to choose from, and you can always be assured that they're printed on the best paper and with the highest quality inks to last forever.  I want you to love anything you purchase from Dream or a Day Art.

As a self-taught artist, A Dream or a Day Art was born out of my natural instinct to create things.  I love color, and I love animals, so the two naturally come together in my work.  Selling my art is never the reason I paint something, but I'm happy to be able the share my creations if they can bring joy to someone else.   I put a lot of love and care into each piece I make. You’ll notice that each of my watercolor animal prints has a name associated with it. To me, each of these animals is real in my imagination. As I’m painting, I can hear the animals telling me their stories which I incorporate into the piece.

Whether you're looking for nursery wall decor, a statement piece for your vacation home, or something fun for the kid's bedroom, I'm happy you're here!  Take a look at my site. Read my story, see my work, and find out more about A Dream or a Day Art. Reach out to me at any time via email, directly through my site, or over the phone. I hope that you'll find your new favorite piece of watercolor art at A Dream or a Day Art.

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