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Hi Friend!


I'm a self-taught watercolor artist who happens to be crazy about animals and nature!  I live in Atlanta with my husband and two sons and our rescue dog, Maeby, who is perhaps the most uncertain dog ever born.  Our family owns and operates soda pop and candy shops, but when you spend most of your time all hopped up on sugar, you need an outlet, and that's where my love of painting comes in.


Over the years, I've had many jobs...freelance writer, stay-at-home mom, special education teacher, and business owner, and I like to think that my art is a reflection of all of those things. When I paint, I'm thinking about the story of that animal and I can usually hear what their voice would sound like if I were reading a story about them to one of my kids (which would be weird because they're grown ups now) or a class full of preschoolers.  I like to give my animal friends lives beyond the art room, which is why they all have names.  I just want to make art that makes people as happy as it makes me!

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