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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look below and see if you can find the answer to your question, and if not, feel free to contact me through the Contact page or email me at


How long will it take for my order to ship?

Orders typically ship within 3-5 business days unless otherwise noted.  If ship times are longer, you will see a note at the top of the Home page with information.  You will receive a shipping notification when your order ships with tracking information. 

When will my order arrive?

All orders are shipped USPS ground advantage, which delivers in 2-5 business days to the lower 48 states.  If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or APO, it could take up to 26 days.

Do you ship to my country?

I only ship within the United States.  I am a one person business and cannot currently handle shipping outside of the US.  I do not make exceptions to this and have no plans to change this policy at this time.  I know it's a bummer.


I want you to love your purchase! If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact me at within 3 days of receiving it and return it to me within 14 days. You pay for shipping and it must be in its original condition and packaging.  I will not accept returns of supplies that have been used.  You will be refunded for the price of the returned items minus original shipping costs.

Product Questions

What's the difference between the paint sets?

The two Essential sets are the same paints.  You're just getting 12 or 24 colors.  All 12 of the colors in the smaller set are included in the set of 24. 

The pans in the student set are slightly smaller and the paints aren't quite as lightfast as the Essential palette. That's really what makes them student quality.  Lightfast ratings indicate how long you can rely on the colors to stay vibrant on a painting without fading.  The higher quality the pigment, the less they will fade.  The Essential sets have higher quality pigment than the student set.  Also the Essential sets have named colors and the student set does not.

If you just want to play around and have fun and maybe frame some of your work for yourself and friends, the student set it great!  If you think you might want to sell your work, the essential set is best.  Also some people prefer to have the tin and the swatch papers that come with the essential sets.  

What's the difference between the watercolor books?

There are currently two different watercolor books--the practice book and the sketchbook.  The practice book is larger in size (7¾" x 9¾" vs the sketchbook 81/2" x 6"), with more pages (64pgs vs 40pgs in the sketchbook), but lower weight watercolor paper (120lb vs 140lb in the sketchbook.)  The practice book also has a soft cover, while the sketchbook has a hardcover.  In addition, the sketchbook also has an elastic band to hold it closed and the practice book does not.

Because the paper is lighter weight and larger in the practice book, you will get more ripples in the paper than in the sketchbook.  It is designed to be a less precious place to practice and create with a larger space and more pages to work in, while the sketchbook is a higher quality paper made for more finished concepts.

I personally designed and use both books!

How do I open the pans in the Essential palettes?

I have a YouTube video where I show you how to open and swatch the paints at  

How do I open the water brushes that come with the student set

You twist the top off in the opposite direction than you would think, so righty loosey, lefty tighty.  Weird, I know!

Where are the note cards/notebooks/mystery bags that I see in your videos?

If you have seen a video with a product that you can't find on my Website, it is because it is an old video that was most likely stolen and posted to a fake account.  This happens on Facebook all the time.  Please check to make sure you are not following a fake account.  All of my social media accounts are listed at the bottom of this page and every page on my Website.

Custom Request

Will you paint my pet or other specific request?

I do not paint any pet portraits or custom pieces.

Can you print a different size upon request?

I only have 11x14 prints at this time.  I cannot fill any custom requests.

Other Questions

Can I send you something?

Thanks so much for your kind offer! I don’t accept gifts, but I really do appreciate the intention!

Can I meet you in person?

While I am so thankful for all the support I receive because of my social media posts, I hope you can understand that it would not be safe for me to meet strangers from the Internet in person.  

Can you make a donation to my cause/event/fundraiser?

I get a lot of requests for donations, and while I wish I could contribute, as a small business, I just can’t.  I have a few organizations that I have ongoing relationships with, but I have to limit where I am able to give. I hope you understand and I wish you tons of luck with your event!

Will you promote my product/do a brand collaboration?

I do not do any promotions or brand collaborations.  

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